Peter Harvey (Public Forum, Aug. 25) states, “Mitt Romney will say and do what he thinks it takes to get elected.”

I am still waiting to hear anything from Romney on his political stand in the race for U.S. Senate. Romney said in his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination that he would “debate Jenny Wilson from time to time.” But he hasn’t debated Wilson even once. So I can only conclude that Romney thinks his best course in becoming a U.S. senator is to say and do nothing.

Romney’s name is linked with vulture capitalism, the restructuring of ailing companies and selling off of company assets — and, by the way, laying off workers and stripping them of their hard-earned retirement benefits. The practice of vulture capitalism left Romney worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

So why should he campaign? Is it embarrassing to face Jenny Wilson? Her profile comprises a strong political stand on issues that affect ordinary Utah people — hard issues like gun violence in schools, education and class size, health care coverage and health costs, air quality and other environmental regulation, immigration, refugee and path to citizenship issues, and more. By contrast, Romney’s purpose seems to be to ensure that his rich friends, not ordinary Utah taxpayers, benefit from tax revenue. To protect really big money and big corporations — this is Romney’s game. And to play it well means to say and do nothing. Instead, stay very, very, quiet.

It is a disgrace. Shame on you, Mitt Romney.

Heather Dorrell, Salt Lake City