The LDS Church does much good in the world bringing light, community, support and goodness to many families and individuals across the globe, yet I have a hope and a prayer that it can do even more. In my reverie, I picture the church literally saving our natural world. Imagine President Russell M. Nelson calling from the mountaintops that creation is in jeopardy and humanity is primarily to blame and that we, as good stewards, must repent and change course.

What happens next would be a modern miracle. Solar panels appear on the hundreds of LDS churches across the country, members of the church follow suit as homes all over the sunniest parts of the country convert the sun’s bountiful energy into electricity and CO2 emissions plummet. Churchgoers begin in earnest to “eat meat sparingly” because not only is it a Word of Wisdom but the Earth depends on it. In our nation's capital, the 12 Mormon members of Congress would heed the words of their prophet (and constituents) and transform into the courageous Republican voices we desperately need to lead on serious climate change policy.

Join my prayer and raise your voice for the beauty of the Earth.

Jared Buhanan-Decker, St. George