I had to write this even though it’s only my opinion.

Having just recently moved to Utah, we recently took a trip up Little Cottonwood Canyon. What beauty and such majestic rocky mountainous terrain. Absolutely beautiful.

I am only wondering, since I saw your cartoon on Aug. 24 with the big “NO!” in large letters, if perhaps it was uttering the words I saw all the way up into the canyon: “No dogs allowed,” then “No stopping or parking,” then “No drinking; DUI strictly enforced.”

This is obviously not a very friendly invitation to visitors who may be traveling in their motor homes or trailers with their pets as companions, as so many people do nowadays.

Oktoberfest was in full swing; can you drink alcohol there but not leave? Or is it just beer? And how much beer can a person drink? Look out! The gestapo may be watching.

Well, as explained to me by my son-in-law who takes your papers faithfully and lets us, his mother- and father-in-law, read them, “It is a watershed area” where drinking water is collected for use by those of us living further down and inland. Thank you for this concern; I am not totally opinionated. But, I just wonder, are people not allowed up there if they have a dog in their vehicle? Or if they are allowed to travel up there, where can they allow their pets to relieve themselves, if at all?

I understand also from my son-in-law that it has to do with the fact that dogs have a different diet than deer, elk and like. But are there not foxes, wolves and perhaps even a bear or two? Do they go in the woods? Are they not sometimes meat eaters, as that is the concern, I guess? Of course, that cannot be controlled as domestic dogs can be.

I understand the reasoning; it just, in my opinion, seems so unfriendly and uninviting to those of us who love our canine companions. One could be more open-minded with a sign such as “Only vegetative food diet dogs allowed!” No, I know, not possible, just being funny — besides, that would be discriminating, wouldn't it?

I am sticking to visiting Park City, the place that loves our pets and is so inviting and friendly to us all! They even allowed us to bring our pet into the open area of a restaurant. I love that place.

Their drinking water tastes very good, by the way!

Marlene Lundquist, Sandy