I have taken The Salt Lake Tribune for some 57 years. It was my choice mostly because its “independence” meant relief from a newspaper that was a mouthpiece of a religion. I also liked that I was allowed to express my opinion once in a while, and I prefer a printed paper to spread out on the table rather than scan a narrow view online.

I was disappointed when it got smaller and even more when we who live outside the Salt Lake Valley lost four days of delivery each week. The Aug. 31 edition took the disappointment to real irritation.

I expected to see coverage of a hero and statesman on the front page. What we got was the top third of the page for sports, another major portion for LDS news that was far from the relative importance of the day, and the rest of the front-page items looked as if they were picked because they fit in the remaining space. LDS stories appeared inside as well as two complete internal pages of Mormon news.

What is The Tribune independent from nowadays?

Ben Williams, Mount Pleasant