Very interesting to read the coverage in the sports page about Thursday-evening football games at the University of Utah (including our own football coach’s seeming bewilderment as to why this happens; interesting).

As a faculty member with nearly 25 years at the University of Utah, I recall when it was first announced that such games would be held. Many departments on campus (including mine) offer many, if not the majority, of our classes in the late afternoon and early evening hours. We were “encouraged” to consider alternatives such as canceling classes or holding them off-campus to try to avoid interfering with persons coming onto campus for the games. No one ever asked if we thought it was a good or bad idea; it was basically a done deal and we were told to deal with it.

I know athletics brings in the big bucks, but I have always thought the decision has sent a very interesting message as to what holds the higher priority on our esteemed campus.

Rob O’Neill, Salt Lake City