I am writing this letter to state my opposition to the proposed grizzly bear hunt, scheduled to begin on Saturday, Sept. 1.

As is well known, grizzly bears were on the Endangered Species Act from 1975 to 2017. Now, it is being stated that in this proposed hunt, as many as 22 grizzly bears — including 13 females in Idaho and one male in Wyoming — will be hunted and killed.

It is being stated that this hunt will allow hunters to go into grizzly bears' dens and shoot mothers and cubs. This is not hunting in the wild, this is cold-blooded murder. These grizzlies will have no chance to escape their dens and run away. This is sick and wrong.

This past June, I was hiking in the Sierra Nevada. I was descending a slope when suddenly, I saw 25 yards in front and to the right of me, a large brown-colored mother bear and a cub, reclining. I have learned that grizzlies have been exterminated from the Sierras and that the last one was seen in 1954. Whether a grizzly or not, the same applies.

Upon seeing the mother and cub, I immediately became frightened. I wanted and needed to descend the slope. I decided to send a message of peace, requesting these two beautiful, regal animals to allow me to descend unharmed.

It was exactly then when the cub stood up on its hind quarters, tilted its head and looked at me with a smile. I felt this was a message from the cub telling me everything was fine. At that immediate moment, the mother bear lifted her head and expressed the same — she smiled and looked at me in the same fashion as her cub.

I descended and I am now here writing this request to stop this proposed grizzly bear hunt.

Stephanie Souvall, Salt Lake City