Thank you for printing two great pieces on the obscene cost of medication in the United States: Luke Dalton’s Aug. 19 commentary and the Aug. 23 Public Forum letter by William E. Hewitt Jr. My wife has been a Type I diabetic for over 50 years, and we pay through the nose for insurance, insulin and all the devices and medications required to keep her in good health. And I have a group of friends that I meet with about three times a week, and one of them is a schizophrenic. When he is on his medication, he is quite normal, but when he is not taking his medication, he becomes negative, mean, paranoid, psychotic and violent. The other day, this was the case, and I asked a friend who is closer to him why he was not taking his medication. I was told that he cannot always afford it.

Something is wrong in a society where people are forced to choose between adequate food and shelter and life-saving medications. I also agree that the corporate heads of these pharmaceutical companies and the unethical politicians who take financial contributions from the pharmaceutical industry and pass laws that keep the money flowing into the pharmaceutical companies and keep their criminal enterprise going are guilty of crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, I do not have any faith in the intelligence of the voters in this country to see the reality of the situation and vote these criminals out of office and/or lock up the corporate scoundrels.

Jeff Wickman, Eagle Mountain