We all know that tariffs are a form of taxation. Historically, tariffs provided a significant portion of the revenue that financed the federal government, especially before the advent of income taxes early in the 20th century. Subsequent occurrences including wars and depressions seemed to affect public opinion and worldwide government practices by supposedly enlightened leadership resulting in increasingly free trade policies by most of the nations of the world. Imposition of tariffs historically required congressional approval as any other taxes do.

I understand that there is a loophole somewhere in the law that allows the president to act with respect to tariffs under circumstances affecting national security. I believe that exception is currently being politicized and abused. Where is the control that halts such abuse? I have not heard any meaningful pushback by Congress or the judiciary. The news media say very little to either criticize or explain President Donald Trump’s policies and actions. I understand that Trump is threatening to place a tariff on all autos imported from Canada. Just how could this arbitrary action be construed to affect national security? There are many more examples.

It is time to examine the actions of the executive branch as they relate to the laws. The Congress is not doing its job. Our Utah delegation is particularly remiss since it supposedly includes a “constitutional scholar,” Sen. Mike Lee.

Richard Sandberg, Ivins