I was born and reared in Utah, and Utah has been my home most of my life, so I have learned to accept the unconstitutional influence the LDS Church has on our laws and our culture. I try to focus on the help the church provides for the needy. However, the church’s stance against the medical marijuana proposal has compelled me to speak out.

Among many other things, medical marijuana has been proven, without question, to minimize seizures and ease the suffering of cancer patients. Perhaps it is time for the church to pull its collective head out of the sand and focus on some of the real issues facing our state, such as rising suicide, addiction and mental illness rates.

If the church is going to use its power to influence the lives of all Utahns, it should do so responsibly. After all, Jesus devoted his life to helping and healing the less fortunate. Time to put up, shut up, and practice what you preach, Latter-day Saints.

WWJD? My guess is that Jesus would be giving medical marijuana to those in need.

Russell Barron, Riverton