The Aug. 26 Salt Lake Tribune dedicated several full pages of column space (in the Sports section) to the life of Kyle Whittingham and how well he treats his family.

Kyle Whittingham is the head coach of the University of Utah’s football team and is paid an annual salary of approximately $3.5 million.

Let’s put this figure in perspective: Whittingham’s annual salary is nearly three times the annual budget of many academic departments at the University of Utah. Such budgets pay the salaries of faculty, staff and student instructors (around 35 people) plus operational costs. Gov. Gary Herbert earns around 3 percent of Whittingham’s salary. Finally, Whittingham’s annual salary would pay the total annual in-state tuition for more than 390 students at the University of Utah.

It would take a very selfish and highly incompetent human being not to lead a good life and do well by their family at this level of income.

Perhaps the point of the article was that, compared with some other extremely wealthy individuals, Whittingham does well by his family.

Steve Downes, Salt Lake City