In a time when the presidency of Donald Trump is unraveling, he retains fierce supporters and apologists among the GOP. One of the most obvious and quick to speak up is Utah's Sen. Orrin Hatch. Here is a recent quote from The New York Times by Sen. Hatch:

"I think most people in this country realize that Donald Trump comes from a different world. He comes from New York City, he comes from a slam-bang, difficult world. It is amazing he is as good as he is. If anything, you have to give him plaudits for the way he has run the country as president."

Do the people of Utah really believe morality, honesty, fidelity, respect for women, concern for minorities, even alleged criminal behavior should differ from New York City to our state or any other state? It is truly strange that the majority of Utah's voters still support Mr. Trump and, for that matter, Sen. Hatch. I am ashamed for the political stance of many residents of our fine state.

Sam Rushforth, Orem