The Utah Political Giant has spoken! Death to Proposition 2. As I read the email sent out by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and scanned the list of names supporting its position, I wondered, where are the names of the large pharmaceutical companies? Why are they not listed?

Recent articles report the Mormon church owns stock worth over a billion dollars in seven pharmaceutical companies. It makes a person wonder, what motives are really behind their statement?

Proposition 2 will relieve pain and suffering in the lives of many people. I personally know of many good people who could benefit. The Netflix documentary “A Life of Its Own” points out that to those suffering individuals who are awaiting relief from their symptoms, a year seems like an eternity.

Our Legislature has continually pushed this issue further down the road. November is the opportunity for the people to choose to act and not wait for our political system to get around to it.

If we blindly follow without determining our own opinion, are we not then culpable in the outcome? Do we bear some responsibility for the pain that could be relieved? I encourage everyone to study the issues and determine what is based on fact, what is based on fear, and what are the real political motives involved. Then make sure you express your opinion by exercising your right to vote in the next election.

Steve Allen, Ogden