Thank you to the Salt Lake County Council for altering language in procurement ordinances on Aug. 7 to allow consideration of gender and minority status when contracting with small businesses. In the state with the widest pay gap in the nation, it's the right thing to do.

A power structure exists within government and business that leaves women and minorities working at a disadvantage. This ordinance is a way for the county to start to level an uneven playing field and promote growth and innovation within its borders. Using a point scale, businesses owned and operated by women and minorities may now receive a small boost when bidding on county contracts.

The move promotes long-term benefits to communities within Salt Lake County. Contracting with such businesses encourages the growth of a vibrant and diverse economy and brings economic opportunities, including jobs, to typically underrepresented populations. The chance to contract with local government allows businesses to prosper and grow their workforce in ways they otherwise would not have the resources to do. The small change also bolsters competition for bidders to provide the best service at the best possible price to our residents.

I support this measure.

Lisa Gehrke, Taylorsville