I actually agree with Rep. Chris Stewart, though probably not in the way he thinks.

I had a conversation with a wise friend (way before Trump) who delineated the difference between perception and reality. I call it disconnect between actions and words.

In an Aug. 3 article in The Salt Lake Tribune, Stewart stated that Trump said a lot of things. Stewart mentioned in the article that Trump said things to NATO. He said we are going to increase defense spending. He said he was going to drive down the cost of energy. He said we were going to back up our allies in Ukraine and give them the tools to defend themselves. He used these examples of what Trump said to prove he is tough on Russia.

Stewart is right about Trump’s tweets and news conference performances in which he said they are “so frustrating to me because they clouded reality and fall into the image that he prefers a strongman like Vladimir Putin, who we know is a KGB thug.

“Trump makes my job harder with some of his tweets,” Stewart said.

Rep. Stewart, you are not the only one frustrated by Trump’s tweets. That is reality.

Marilyn Marshall, Magna