Recently, I visited Glacier National Park, where the spectacular beauty was enhanced by snow-capped peaks. Park rangers and exhibits carefully pointed out that their iconic glaciers are in grave danger. Of the original 150 park glaciers, only 25 remain, and they are rapidly shrinking and expected to disappear within a decade. Locally, I have noted a similar disturbing decline in our average mountain snowpack.

Our usual valley haze has been greatly worsened lately by smoke attributed to abundant wildfires in Utah and neighboring states. A growing body of evidence and scientific opinion attribute the extended wildfire season and greater intensity to our warming climate.

Disappearing glaciers, shrinking snowpack and increased wildfires are all very tangible evidence of the recent warming of our climate due to widespread fossil fuel use, long predicted and documented by climate scientists. The rest of us can now readily observe the effects on our local environment also.

Fortunately, appropriate action now could bring big returns. Many conservative economists believe putting a fee on carbon and returning the revenue to American families is an essential step to preserve safe and healthy communities while protecting our economy and decreasing regulation. Please urge your elected officials to address this.

David K. Ryser, Sandy