Wow, Rep. Mia Love recently completed the Spartan Race. Way to go, Mia!

But, I'm confused. Rep. Love has expressed concerns regarding safety at townhalls, yet she is comfortable dodging obstacles in an open field? She’s definitely an expert in dodging voters. In fact, for approximately 76 percent of her time in office, she has failed to hold a public town hall. She’s even ignored requests for one with safety protocols built in.

It seems Mia will get muddy for a photo op, but won’t get down in the trenches with her voters. What kind of Spartan is that?

Her toughest race is ahead of her, against Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. He faced a room full of angry constituents and listened to them. He isn’t afraid, he is steady. He has a proven track record of holding town halls, and it is highly likely he will continue when elected to Congress.

I'd prefer a representative who isn't afraid to listen to voters' concerns, even when we may not agree. That's a show of strength worth voting for.

Constance Patterson, Murray