In answer to Rep. Chris Stewart’s question about presidents: Actually, NATO funding was increased 100 percent (from 1 percent to 2 percent of member budgets) by President Barack Obama, while President Donald Trump’s grandstanding went unsubstantiated by any NATO government; U.S. energy security and oil production as well as alternative energy development took place under Obama, while Trump’s trumpeting has increased the price per barrel benefiting the Russian oil-sales-based economy and Vladimir Putin specifically due to his oil connections, unlike the prices they suffered under Obama; Ukraine’s was appropriately supported by Obama policies while not escalating the militarization — the policy the Republican national platform held, until Paul Manafort had it changed by Trump’s directive (?); sanctions against Russia, established by Obama because Putin unlawfully and immorally invaded and took over Ukrainian territory, were made law by the Republican-controlled Senate due to its concerns about Trump trying to undo them.

Trump’s weak actions, like his sycophantic acquiescence to Putin, have made Russia great again after Obama had rendered them a third-rate country equal to their economic clout.

Mr. Stewart could whine less about how Trump’s words make his job difficult and stop the Orwellian apologetics trying to make their blatant falsehood true. It’s like Sen. Orrin Hatch’s cry to end partisanship.

They should be ashamed of themselves for representing only extremist right constituents and for failing to protect and defend our country. Both of them, The Tribune and its reporter all need to “do your job.”

Greg A. Pedroza, Salt Lake City