I find the fact that the LDS Church is considering revoking a woman’s temple recommend for breastfeeding her child in her local wardhouse ridiculous. Apparently, it's totally fine with members of the LDS Church to support a bigoted, narcissistic, pathological liar, a documented womanizer who makes disparaging comments about women and what he feels he can do to them and their bodies. I have to wonder why it’s OK to tolerate such unchristian behavior yet become unglued at the sight of a mother nursing her child and a woman’s breast.

I also wonder, if the president of the church or any of the hierarchy happened to make the same kind of remarks our so-called president had made regarding women, would it be brushed off as just typical locker room talk, yet a woman nursing in public is downright disgusting? The hypocrisy burns.

Randy S teal, Holladay