How dare you, Sen. Orrin Hatch! Your hypocrisy is mind-boggling. You accuse Democrats of being “dumbass partisans” because they want to thoroughly vet a Supreme Court nominee whose views are so far to the right that they could be considered fascist while you would not even meet Merrick Garland, a moderate.

Meanwhile, your colleague Rep. Chris Stewart tells us that President Donald Trump is tough on Vladimir Putin. Really, Mr. Stewart? Do you also believe that black is white and tyranny is freedom?

I can only hope Utahns open their eyes and realize today’s Republican Party has become a party that would install a corrupt oligarchy to destroy American values and freedoms. If you truly value justice, if you truly value democracy, if you truly value the rule of law, you must vote blue in the coming election.

Kendra Houser, Millcreek