On a day for cherishing the pioneer spirit and for celebrating the resilience of Utahns, President Donald Trump took opportunity to amplify this message to the entire country and curry political favor with members of the LDS Church.

In the article about Pioneer Day published July 24 (“President Trump celebrates Mormon settlers on Pioneer Day”), this newspaper failed to acknowledge the selective nature of the president’s well-wishing or place the congratulations in a context of political maneuvering and image repair for disastrous policies.

This president blatantly disregards the role that immigrants from Central America have had within our country “to transform the arid desert landscape into a blossoming new home where their families could live in peace and prosperity” and robs refugees of their future role to build “cities and towns that continue to thrive in the 21st century.”

Readers of this paper should consider our administration’s inaction in resettling fewer than 22,000 refugees this year, insist upon the necessity of our leadership in support of refugees and asylum seekers, and reject Trump’s self-characterization as “pro-pioneer.”

Jonathan Nellermoe, Salt Lake City