Thank you, editorial staff of The Salt Lake Tribune, for publishing the superb op-ed “We can almost hear the fabric of our democracy shredding,” written by the founders of Mormon Women for Ethical Government. It is one of the most articulate, nonpartisan, strong statements on the shameful behavior of President Donald Trump that I have read.

They bluntly ask the members of Congress: “Which is more important to you — your party or your country? The rescue of our country — and its international as well as domestic reputation — is at stake.” The authors even list nine ways in which Congress can DO something, rather than just appearing before a camera or going on Twitter saying they do not approve of the president’s words or actions.

I agree with the authors that the legislative branch of our federal government has a moral and legal responsibility to speak out at this time to communicate the truth.

Is anyone listening in Washington?

Judging from the courageous words in this article, it seems we could use more women in Congress to make good things happen!

Lolita Hagio, St. George