What does the Division of Wildlife Resources do? Allow multiple bear hunts that include hounding and baiting. Same for cougars. How sporting. Then there is the really fun bounty for coyotes: Bring in their ears and you get 50 bucks! Oh, and that is to save some bucks for Don Peay and his buddies. Taking out the strong and healthy compromises the gene pool for the rest of the herd, but I guess real science isn’t a factor when your paycheck comes from the people who want those bucks up on the wall.

Then we have those bird refuges where it’s scary to go during duck hunting season. I am thrilled there is no rifle hunting in my neighborhood. Have you seen what a high-powered arrow looks like? After the animal is wounded, the hunter can more easily chase it down and dispatch it with a handgun.

Yep, I am so glad DWR is keeping up the herd and the flocks so they can be harvested. If you are a crow and you just extended your range here, we in Utah have established a hunt just for you, so those folks who have nothing to shoot at midwinter won’t have to go without some sport. Well, I hope they can tell a crow from a raven (who are protected), unlike that guy who couldn't tell a radio-collared wolf from a coyote.

And forget about that Endangered Species Act. Those Department of Interior folks know that’s a bunch of hocus pocus. Those sage grouse will just set up shop somewhere else, right?

DWR? Does that stand for Department of Wildlife Reduction?

Melinda McIlwaine, Salt Lake City