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A great country doesn’t put tyrants, thugs and crooks into positions of authority. A great nation doesn’t shrink from a technical challenge of the magnitude of traveling to the moon or zeroing out greenhouse gas emissions within a decade. A great nation doesn’t silence science. A great nation sees challenge as opportunity. A great nation has a top-notch education system, a just and efficient legal system, excellent health care services, environmental quality. A great nation operates what minimal government is needed without racking up ruinous debt.

Our stock market has been given a shot in the arm by emptying out the public treasury, but this is not genuine economic development and it's not sustainable.

What would generate economic development and also bequeath a livable habitat for our children? I propose we could work toward both goals simultaneously in a goal of zeroing out greenhouse gas emissions within 20 years. Within 10 years would be better and is doable. Doable for a great nation, that is.

Charles Ashurst, Logan