During the July 5, 2018, episode of KCPW’s Both Sides of the Aisle program, co-host Natalie Gochnour cited Envision Utah as one of the good things about Utah. I agree that the organization has promise. However, it seems to me that Envision Utah has been MIA.

A few years ago, there was a lot of public awareness of Envision Utah through a multipronged campaign to get people to take its survey regarding how Utahns want the state grow. Since then, there have been public controversies regarding Bears Ears, redevelopment of the Cottonwood Mall site in Holladay, the Olympia development near Herriman, and control (city vs. state) of the inland port near the Salt Lake City Airport. I am sure that there are more examples.

Where has Envision Utah been? Aren’t these examples of situations that Envision Utah can help with?

Steve Petersen, Salt Lake City