America’s ugly truth is this: It was made great with the saddle of racism. You either wore it or you rode on it. Several decades ago that greatness was lost in a liberal wave of equality awakened by the mirror of hypocrisy reflecting back upon this country, mirrors grasped in the hands of our war dead buried in Europe and Asia. But racism wasn’t extinguished in these United States, merely banished to the shadows, where it festered until a black man was elected president. Hallelujah, free from the shadows at last. How could racism exist in this country if we elected someone with brown skin? Accusers of racism were racists themselves! Alas, everything, everything, the black president did was bad, but it wasn’t because of his skin. It was because he walked, he spoke and he breathed. Luckily, we now have a white president who walks, speaks and breathes racism.

Liberals and generally sane citizens hoping to curb this scourge in the midterms are advised not to focus on the racism of the president and his base, but on his proven ineptitude as a leader of free nations. Name calling will only inspire more to emerge from the shadows. I say, “Let the sun shine,” and cast a light for the world to see whether or not the United States of America is a majority of racists.

Artelle Cracraft, Tooele