It would appear that the Trump administration started believing their own lies and that they’ve dug a deep hole as a result. They wanted us to think that all children coming across our southern border are either unaccompanied or being trafficked or are unrelated to the adults with them.

The children were separated from their accompanying adults and sent off around the U.S. with no thought of ever giving them back. If you or I take someone’s children, it’s called kidnapping and there are stiff penalties for it. The administration convinced themselves that these children are expendable and that no one cares about them. They apparently thought of them as dolls or stuffed toys.

People who have long worked with immigrants are saying that some of these children and parents will never see each other again because one or the other can’t be found and the parents who have been deported without their children will not have the means to search for them from another country. Advocates and lawyers are already searching for hundreds of children without success.

That’s tragic enough, but the administration is also creating a new generation of DACA kids. The next crisis is what they are going to do with the stateless orphans they have created.

Fortunately, we still have some news media left who can follow this disaster and keep truth alive.

Jan Brittain, Salt Lake City