Any time I turn on the TV, I see pundits talk about the upcoming “blue wave.” Self-assigned experts and consultants seem to believe that the GOP is in for a shock in November. They even claim that Mitt Romney will somehow fall victim to this all-but-guaranteed outcome. I doubt this will happen, but Republicans also need to do everything in their power not to shoot themselves in the foot and guarantee that Democrat wave.

I’m speaking of President Donald Trump’s constant threats to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. I was thrilled to read that Mr. Romney commented that no one is above the law. If the president were to fire either, it would ensure Democrats take Congress and the White House. Despite numerous Republicans standing by Mueller, it’s going to take real action to ensure a fair and independent investigation.

If the president is truly innocent, he needs to act like it and stop endangering vulnerable Republicans. The GOP needs to hold them accountable; Republicans loved Mueller under the Bush administration and even confirmed Rosenstein as deputy attorney general by a 96-4 margin. Voters understand hypocrisy, and the GOP will be damaged for years if it lets President Trump fire Mueller.

Brady Hansgen, Salt Lake City