Trump is not going away anytime soon, as syndicated columnist Rich Lowry so aptly described in a June Tribune op-ed.

And since intelligent appeals to reason, in deference to Mr. Lowry, haven’t worked for nearly a quarter-century with others of Trump’s ilk, it seems highly unlikely that such overtures will have any effect on the president. And let’s face it, folks, there’s never been anything quite like the Donald when it comes to lying, cheating, financial corruption and the merciless vilification of our most esteemed institutions.

Amazingly, Trump’s opposition (i.e., the so-called fake media) did much aiding and abetting of their own through their senseless coverage of Trump events. But most damaging of all has been the shameless way top officials have given tacit approval to these outrages.

Now, America finds itself at the crossroads. Trump’s opposition can either continue down its current path of politeness, hand-wringing and righteous indignation or pursue a more aggressive course. Maybe there are even a few starry-eyed optimists out there who believe a juggernaut will emerge to slay the beast that is Donald Trump.

After all, a strong message means nothing if the messenger is weak. But if the Democrats are waiting for a knight in shining armor to carry their message and save the day, they’d better think again, because the strength of America has always been through mass protest. The juggernaut that America so desperately seeks is America itself. The masses have conquered bigger obstacles than Donald Trump and they will conquer yet another. But time is of the essence.

Thomas R. Smith, Salt Lake City