Rep. Curtis, you are attempting to pass legislation without providing any real opportunity for all those affected to weigh in.

In January, you sponsored a bill that would make permanent President Trump’s horrible proclamation gutting Bears Ears National Monument by 85 percent without first meeting with the Native American tribes. Now you are pushing ahead with the “very fake” conservation bill for the San Rafael Swell without providing any chances for people in Utah (and beyond), who know, love and respect the place, to share our and their views.

You claim the bill is the product of “two decades of local outreach and public meetings.” I have spent more than 40 of my 79 years in Utah and have never heard of a meeting that invites input from anyone beyond the Emery County commissioner who crafted this bill.

Rep. Curtis, your bill falls short of protecting deserving wild and beautiful lands in the San Rafael Swell and fractures the lands it is intended to protect with too many roads. The Swell deserves better protection. The people of America deserve a better legislative process.

Peter Bsumek, Cottonwood Heights