The group that launched a petition to stop construction on the old Cottonwood Mall site has a vision without a plan to back it up. This piece of land has always been zoned commercial but there is no way it will be 100 percent retail. The public would not support such a far-fetched venture.

The area near Highland Drive and Murray-Holladay Road is bounded on the east by a power substation, the south by a vacant commercial property, the west by a strip mall and the north by another strip mall. No views are being blocked; that is a lame excuse. It has also been shown that traffic patterns would be less than when the Cottonwood Mall was thriving. Face up to the fact that not everyone is going to leave home at the same time. The petition proponents indicate a population of 3,000 people at this site but have not provided any information as to how they arrived at this figure.

After many planning sessions and considerable public input, a final plan had unanimous support of the city council. Our city government worked very hard with the developers to find the best plan for Holladay. They were elected to do just that — let them do their job! The alternative is a flat, weedy pile of dirt for another 10 years or longer.

We have been residents for 55 years and love our city. Let’s not take a step backward now.

Bernice and Lynn Anderson, Holladay