I am appalled by the lack of compassion displayed by Fred Burton’s letter to the editor of June 28. Mr. Burton asserts that the 43 percent increase in Utah suicides is a “trivial number” when one equates the corresponding increase with that of the state’s population.

I cannot comprehend how Mr. Burton and those of similar ilk can possibly feel that percentage has anything to do with suicide. Speak with someone contemplating suicide. Ask someone struggling to continue on with their life after a family member or cherished friend chooses to end their life.

I would like to share a piece of writing given to me by a young friend who has attempted suicide.

“The world is dark. I feel trapped in a deep, dark hole. I wish the words would just flow out of my mouth. Maybe then everyone would understand. My armor is damaged from fighting. A weight bears down on me, pushing me deeper into the darkness. I want to escape the darkness but I don’t know how. The light is lost. Nothing to lead me. I’m worried constantly about irrational things. Paranoia keeps me trapped in my room. Death seems like an escape but also terrifies me. I need help but what help do I need? I don’t know. I don’t seem to know anything anymore. I wonder why it is so hard to know how I feel. Save me from myself.”

Mr. Burton, tell her that she is merely a “trivial number.”

Gail Murdock, Holladay