To add to Michael Kalm’s forum letter (Friday, June 29) and sum up his in-depth, truthful knowledge of Mitt Romney, here is an anagram that fits his commentary of Utah’s favorite Republican (R) son. R+MONEY = ROMNEY.

An explanation, if needed, is that he will support and praise all legislation that benefits the extremely wealthy 1 percent — money is an object of his admiration.

As a retired person receiving the benefits of Social Security and Medicare, I am part of his much-maligned 47 percent, or the “freeloaders” — defined as those who take advantage of another’s generosity without giving anything in return (guess 50 years of payroll taxes didn’t count).

It’s interesting that the majority of senior citizens in our state overwhelmingly support him, mainly because of the “R” behind his name and on the ballot, not recognizing how Romney really perceives them. But then, it truly does come down to MONEY.

If he backs legislation being considered to changes in Social Security and Medicare and continued tax breaks for the wealthy, the retirees in the 47 percent will get a lot less of it as he gets a lot more.

Muriel Wilson, South Jordan