Access to quality, affordable health care is essential for all of us. In this regard, there’s a stark difference between Shireen Ghorbani, the Democratic challenger for Utah’s 2nd District, and our current representative, Chris Stewart.

As stated in her recent op-ed articles in the Deseret News and the St. George Spectrum, Ghorbani supports care-driven, people-centered, affordable health care, available for everyone without exclusions for pre-existing conditions. She has proposals for workable solutions that will accomplish these goals.

By contrast, Stewart supports profit-driven insurers — his campaign donors — that seek to exclude millions from coverage. Stewart has voted repeatedly to abolish the Affordable Care Act, which has many excellent provisions. Now, he supports Donald Trump’s plan to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions. If allowed, we’ll return to the pre-ACA days when 45,000 died annually because they lacked health insurance and hundreds of thousands declared medical bankruptcy each year.

We’re entitled to live without fear, assured that we have reliable health care. Shireen Ghorbani will be a powerful spokesperson for us in Congress. She deserves our votes.

Andrew Kramer, Ivins