While Mitt Romney seems like a decent enough fellow, he is ill-suited to be a U.S. senator for Utah (or is it Massachusetts?).

Mr. Romney has stated that he supports many of Donald Trump’s policies, and that alone should disqualify him. Tax cuts are great, but Trump’s tax cuts for 99 percent of Americans (Utahns included) are temporary for two years, and the tax cut percentage was far less than for the 1 percent of Americans whose tax cuts are permanent. Of course Mr. Romney supports those tax cuts; guess which percent of Americans his income falls under.Mr. Romney supports repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is odd since the ACA used as its template Gov. (as in Massachusetts) Romney’s medical plan known as “Romneycare.”

The ACA doesn’t just offer medical plans for Americans without employee-provided insurance, it also established important rules for those Americans who do have employee-provided health insurance. Rules such as allowing children up to 26 years of age to be covered by their parent’s health insurance, no pre-existing condition exclusions, insurance-paid yearly physical examinations, etc.

Mr. Romney apparently doesn’t believe that Utahns deserve affordable health care coverage, but his former Massachusetts constituents did.

Speaking of those tax cuts, how about the additional $1.5 trillion those tax cuts added to the national debt? So much for Mr. Romney being a deficit hawk. Every economic model using the Trump tax plan shows that any additional economic growth projections produced by those tax cuts are woefully short of paying down that additional $1.5 trillion debt. Mr. Romney’s solution will be what he calls “entitlement reform,” which translates into the average Utahn (and American) not receiving your full Social Security payments when it’s time for you to claim them. In addition, Mr. Romney will “reform” Medicare because the 99 percent of us don’t deserve it in our twilight years.

Mitt Romney is a nice if not opportunistic fellow, but his support of Donald Trump’s policies is not what Utah needs in a U.S. senator. Utah already had a rubber-stamp of a U.S. senator in Orrin Hatch.

Utah needs a truly independent senator who has lived their entire life here in Utah who represents Utah’s unique independent spirit, and that is Jenny Wilson.

Ryan Hinkins, Salt Lake City