Recently, I saw in The Salt Lake Tribune that Mitt Romney commented on the investigation into Russian election interference, stating “No one is above the law.” As a law-abiding Utahn, I believe that no U.S. citizen is above the law. I believe in the Constitution and the rule of law. I expect my country’s leaders, especially POTUS, to uphold the laws they make.

Firing the Special Counsel Robert Mueller and deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would irreversibly erode public trust in the Trump administration; it would reek of unapologetic corruption, and permanently undermine the Republican Party’s claim that they are defenders of the Constitution and strong supporters of law and order.

I urge the elected to use common sense and uphold the rule of law when considering the judicial process. Isn’t that a sad state of things — urging our lawmakers to uphold the law? Our founders established three separate branches of government to check power grabs. I urge Mr. Romney to continue voicing strong support for the rule of law and using his conscience to criticize those who do not uphold the values they claim to champion. I hope other Republican officials follow his lead.

Ike Bradshaw, Bountiful