In a campaign email from Mia Love, our current 4th congressional district representative, she continued to spread the lie that Nancy Pelosi recruited Ben McAdams to replace her.

Mayor McAdams has clearly stated that when elected, he will not vote for Nancy Pelosi as leader in the House of Representatives.

I received a second email a few days later that said, “Yes, the election is still months away. But that means there are months and months of attack ads on the way, intended to tear me down and build up my opponent.”

It is a shame that Rep. Love can’t elevate her campaign to be honest. She is the first to attack and tell lies in her fundraising; I shudder to see the ads that will soon appear.

Rep. Love, please take responsibility for your campaign and elevate the tone by eliminating lies and mudslinging.

Marla Mott-Smith, South Jordan