I remember once sitting in a Sunday School lesson. At one point, the teacher told us that if anyone was gay, to go to the bishop because he “didn’t want to know.” We all understood his joke’s implicit message — if you’re gay, you don’t quite belong here.

Recently an op-ed was published in the Deseret News concerning LGBT teen suicide rates in Utah. The op-ed argued primarily that while teen suicide is always tragic, it is fallacious to reduce its cause to “just” the influence of the LDS Church.

It may be tempting to assume that because the LDS Church may not be the sole cause of inflated LGBT teen suicide rates, we as members of the church have nothing to do with it.

Recently, the LDS leadership has asked its members to be ministers one to another. A minister knows that when one part of the Body of Christ is hurting, all parts are hurting. A minister understands that even if the flock of the Good Shepherd is no more statistically inclined to wander than others, his concern is for the one who is displaced.

As members, let’s start our new ministering by choosing belonging over all else.

Taylor Kerby, Claremont, Calif.