President Trump is right to focus on immigration. Give the man credit.

Granting asylum to decent but desperate people from crime-ridden countries would overrun us with job seekers, and unemployment would jump.

On the other hand, immigrants do make us better. Studies show that our immigrant population commits fewer crimes per capita than native-born Americans. Plus, immigrants tend to be hard workers.

So how can we welcome immigrants without creating high unemployment? Here’s a possible solution: We could expel undesirable native-born Americans in an amount equal to the incoming residents. In fact, if we could somehow devise a way to expel only “law-and-order” Americans who despise immigrants, we could ship them to Central America where they could bring law and order to those high-crime countries. This would end the need for residents of that region to seek asylum here.

Alas, I recognize that Mr. Trump might not be eager to expel law-and-order Americans who despise immigrants. It would erode his base.

Steve Warren, West Valley City