I’ve read with great chagrin the Sunday Salt Lake Tribune headline "Trump approval ticks up in Utah.” Even worse, the article leads with “More than half of Utahns now approve of President Donald Trump, but not his immigration policies or his leadership style.”

Dear fellow Utahns: You are not entitled to cherry-pick inhumane actions just because you’re satisfied all else is going well.

If you’ve ever bowed your head to reverent “never again” resolve over crimes against humanity, wake up! Any support accorded our current administration is collaboration with an extremely inhumane effort to deter border crossings. The process has incurred irreparable damage to thousands of children! It cannot be undone, yet must be remediated with haste. This bungling regime is not up to the task, and our national honor is permanently stained by them. How can anyone support that in part? The whole fiasco must be seriously considered.

Then, there’s Mitt ... aargh!

Mark L. Lawrence, Salt Lake City