I read with wonder the political going-ons in Utah and other places. I am not just amazed by the things our “public servants” do, and get away with, but the most puzzling thing to me is, how in the world did these — pick your descriptor — buffoons, crooks, scam artists, thieves, incompetents, etc., get elected in the first place, and the more puzzling question: How did they get re-elected?

Greg Hughes appoints himself to be our savior by being the “Inland Port Tsar” because obviously nobody can protect his personal property, located close by, as well as he can — and to make sure it’s legal, let’s change the law to suit him.

We need to wake up and pay attention to who’s running for office. Don’t just listen to your neighbor who works for a large donor, or clergy or any numbers of other special interests. Take a few minutes and research who we are putting in charge of our money, our children, our air we breathe, and the list goes on.

This, on top of the UTA naming fiasco, should be enough to wake up the dead. Go to the polls or sign over your life to them.


Kent Knowley, Lahaina, Hawaii