Rep. Love, Rep. Curtis: Congrats! You have taken a position on immigration where your human feelings outweigh the will of your Republican overlords.

However, you are wrong that there is nothing you can do. You can sign the discharge petition, bypass Paul Ryan, and allow a bill in the floor for debate. Everybody can still duck under a rock if a vote comes, but we could at least actually talk about it.

Actually, it only needs three more signatures. If you could get the whole delegation to sign you would actually make a difference. Think of it — legitimate news sources all over the country might be saying, “Utah Republicans find a moral backbone!”

I will even bet that if you schedule the signing around a day the Tribune has a B section, you will get a headline! Moreover, most of a full page!

If that does not bring back a twinge of that feeling of being driven by principles, it will at least look good in your campaign materials.

Steven Jepperson, Sandy