We are now being inundated with Romney ads about fiscal responsibility and how high the national debt is, but he still supports the crazy tax cuts brought about by our Republican legislators.

If you think you got a tax cut, start counting the increases in taxes and expenses since November. Gas, property tax, sales tax, hidden fees to support budgets, your “tax cut” disappeared very quickly, and the only people who still are in the positive sides of this are the very wealthy investors.

You want to stabilize Social Security and Medicare? Pay off the debt and you have an extra $300 billion to work with. I support our military but we are not the world’s police, and cannot pay to do it unless you reintroduce the draft and the subsequent pay that existed with the draft. You want to fix the problem? Fix campaign financing and career politicians who are only interested in keeping their jobs. Our current career politicians are much wealthier than when they were elected. I wonder how that happened? Have you sold your vote for the “tax cut”?

Paul N. Davis, Logan