After more than 50 years as a dedicated subscriber to The Salt Lake Tribune, when my current subscription expires I shall not renew.

The paper is but a shadow of its former self, with limited content and depth of coverage. There is nothing in the paper I cannot get elsewhere and for much less cost. You name it, and the paper has reduced it — except for the cost of a subscription.

We pay more for less. The comics, sports pages, want ads, editorial content, and news both national and local are all reduced in scope of content, and depth of coverage. Often in the edits of articles, words are missed — too much reliance of spell check, and not enough eyes on the actual content.

The Sunday paper is a joke, the stuffed ads are larger than the paper content. Worst of all, the depth of coverage is just not there — no follow through and no real investigative reporting.

Is it a sign of the times, mismanagement, lack of concern, lack of attention to the changing communication landscape or a combination of all four? Whatever it is, goodbye and I will miss you — but then, you are not there for me anymore.

Bruce Cohne, Salt Lake City