Is separating children from parents a form of torture? It would be for me.

Children, as we know, have developmental milestones that, if not met because a child is stuck away indefinitely in a crowded pen somewhere within the bowels of a U.S. government warehouse, can’t entirely be made up for later. Who pays for that deficit? Donald J. Trump? I wish.

Apparently, the list of GOP approved forms of torture is growing. Waterboarding: Approved. Separating children from parents: Approved.

One has to wonder, though: Now that we have a government that tortures immigrants, do you really think it’s going to stop there? In Donald Trump’s worldview, do you really think you’re that elevated from an immigrant? Me, I’m thinking my people didn’t get off the boat all that long ago. And who are we to trespass on Donald Trump’s private property, such as his government?

What, you want handouts in the form of Social Security, Medicare, schools for your children, environmental quality, an infrastructure? Get off Donald Trump’s private property before he calls the cops.

Charles Ashurst, Logan