More police or armed teachers in schools? Not what I want for my community.

My unscientific perusal of recent data suggests the preponderance of school violence still comes from within.

Instead of more guns, how about more gurus (from any person who counsels or advises; mentor)?

How about more counselors and support staff allowing the ratio of students to educators (teachers, counselors, aids, advocates, administrators) to be lowered so every student has a “guardian angel” on staff who focuses on six or seven kids throughout their days and supports them through their joys, anxieties, excitements and depressions?

It would take more money — certainly more than buying guns — so financial bottom-liners can stop reading.

I’d like the next generations to remember their school years for their teachers’ caring and concern rather than the caliber of their guns or caution they had to exhibit every time they let a student go to the bathroom.

More guns or more gurus?

Andy White, Salt Lake City