I have followed Patrick Shea’s many writings for the past 40 years. I have not always agreed with some of his positions, but have found Pat to always be informed, thoughtful and honest in the positions he has taken.

His recent op-ed in the June 7 Tribune is spot-on. We need to appoint women and men to these boards who have broad backgrounds in many fields. Their only agenda should be to improve the quality of our state.

The power brokers of the Utah legislature have always placed themselves in positions to reap huge sums of money from laws they pass. The epitome of hypocrisy was for Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes to scream for the return of the lands designated national monuments in southern Utah, and then in the last two days of the legislative session rip almost 25 percent of the land within the boundaries of Salt Lake City into a Salt Lake Inland Port that is totally controlled by the SLIP.

And then, to add insult to injury Hughes anoints himself to the board. The politics of our state just continue to spiral into a bottomless pit of questionable ethics.

Bill Inglesby, West Valley City