Perhaps Paul Rolly explains the political situation to the previous writer better than I have. In his recent Tribune interview, Rolly said: “Every Salt Lake City member of the Legislature is a Democrat, which means they don’t have a seat at the table because all the decisions are made in Republican caucuses. So Salt Lake City, the most significant city in Utah in every way, is left out of the decision-making process.”

This is the reality and challenge that I am discussing with my neighbors. If we want to be part of the decision-making process at the Legislature, we need to make a change.

A good representative will listen to all of the voices in their district, and they should all be heard. I agree that a diversity of ideas is critical to find the best way forward for our community and I am actively engaged in those conversations. As someone who has served in public office in my previous hometown in New Jersey for 6 terms, the results indicate that I do listen and I represent constituents well.

We will have a new representative for our district next year. I believe that we have the opportunity for more effective representation with a moderate Republican who will have “a seat at the table” where important decisions are made. Our district deserves to be heard on the Hill. I want to be that Representative and I am asking voters for their support in November. Visit

Scott Rosenbush, Salt Lake City, Candidate for Utah House District 24