I am laughing and thinking, oh, this must be a joke — “A Mount Vernon of the Rockies.”

The George Washington Museum of American History plans to open in 2026 at a cost of around $70 million here in Utah.

Juxtaposed to the “Museum of American History” article on Friday’s front page is the Utah concern titled “Utah suicide rate 5th highest in U.S.”

How do we question ourselves and ask — do we have the right priorities as we look to the future of our nation and to the order of our world?

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, said he was “nothing short of giddy” when he learned about the planned museum in Utah. “I was like a kid on a candy rush,” Lee said, “You couldn’t make me happier than saying they’re building a new version of Disneyland in Utah.”

Is all of this a JOKE?

Rosemary A. Holt, Salt Lake City