This morning (June 7) I enjoyed another of Pat Bagley’s fine cartoons. It depicts “The People of Utah” as being young and old, male and female and ethnically diverse. It depicts “The Politics of Utah” as identical dumpy-looking middle-aged white guys.

The unmistakable message is that our elected representatives are not indicative of the people of Utah at all. This is why we are obliged to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to put initiatives on the ballot to get the work of the people done that our representatives refuse to do. Perhaps a third part of the cartoon could have been “The People Who Vote in Utah.” In that case, 70 percent of those in the cartoon lineup would look like the present politics as usual. That is the only conclusion that we can come to, since we keep electing the same type of representatives who will not do what Utah residents want in poll after poll.

One can only hope the electorate will wake up soon, get out and vote for more moderate representatives who want to solve real issues in a more bipartisan way instead of fringe ideologues.

Robert Jennings, Draper