For the past two weeks I’ve called Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee and Rep. Mia Love nearly every day. Every call, I ask if they have made any official statement about the separation of children from their parents at to the border. Every call, their polite staffers tell me no.

If you look, you will find stories of toddlers being taken from their mothers and fathers, little children flown hundreds of miles away from their parents, kids crying themselves to sleep in foster homes, parents unable to contact their children, no one knowing when or where they will be reunited.

Our representatives don’t care. I am sick of their morally bankrupt silence. I am tired of their cowardice. I am done with their inability even to say out loud to their constituents that they think taking children away from their parents is wrong.

Do what they won’t — advocate for these children. Call every day and remind our representatives that Utah cares about families. And if they refuse to do anything to protect them, let’s vote them out of office.

Rachel Adams, Lehi